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Site Selection
It's not just about where the market is today, but rather where it’s going. Utilizing census data, population matching and psychographic trends, we match each location to the precise profile of the customer you want to reach.

​Lease Negotiation
In this environment, every dollar matters, and any opportunity to save matters. We treat every lease as if it were our own, using our experience and knowledge of the markets to get you every possible advantage.

Growth/Expansion Strategy
We take the long-term perspective, including crafting a customized and methodical plan to help you grow your company. With those strategic principles and a detail-focused process, we find the right geographic locations.

      It's not just about where

           you want to be, but               where your customers are. 

​Bark Equities is the trusted real estate partner global retailers need. Blending our real estate expertise with an understanding of your business, we make sure the right decisions are made. Site selection is important and expensive. Don't risk failure.
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Have peace of mind knowing that we are exclusively on your side. Acting as if we’re your in-house real estate department, we fight to get you the right locations at the right price with the right terms. No conflicts. No hidden relationships. No exceptions.

Understanding your business and core customer is our job. We combine that information with our knowledge of the markets and market trends to assure the strategic decisions and locations you choose today will be just as good ten years from now.

Streamlining your operations  You focus on running your business, and we'll focus on handling your real estate needs. A unified vision, open communications, and understanding your needs now and in the future makes the process of finding the right retail location much smoother. Time is irreplaceable. We help you maximize it.

Commitment  to the long-term success of your business. More than just a transaction, we look at the BIG PICTURE. Helping you maximize your long-term growth opportunities is what we do.